• Ladies & gentlemen!  Thanks for your interest again this year.  Our goal is for you to have a lot of fun, have a chance to win some prizes, and enjoy a nice awards dinner together at season end.
  • Speed of play:  Please play in No longer than 2 hours and 15 minutes.  You should always be right behind the group in front of you.  This will allow all golfers to finish with sunlight! This is CRITICAL!
  • League entry fee is $80.00- paid in cash or check (to Mountain Vista) only.  Your entry fee entitles you to play in the league, makes you eligible for prizes, and gets you one ticket to the awards banquet.  All of the entry fee proceeds go back to the players in the form of prizes, gifts, and the banquet.
  • We need your commitment to attend as much as possible. Mountain Vista holds tee times for our league. With this in mind, arrange for a sub or do a make-up when you can’t be here.  League points are awarded for attendance, or for providing a sub.  These points add up for prizes at the banquet!
  • Mountain Vista staff decides whether or not to cancel competition due to bad weather.  Operate on the assumption that we will be playing, even if it’s raining where you are.  A final decision usually won’t come until very close to our tee times, because bad weather throughout the day often improves a lot by league time.  We will post cancellations on our web site by 2:00 pm of league day.
  • Makeup rounds are ok this year (maximum of three).  But each must be completed 10 days prior to or up to 10 days after the date you miss. Makeup scores will be included in the on-going competitions, but only regular night play counts towards the weekly competitions.  We strongly prefer you play on league night whenever possible.  Make-Up cards must be witnessed & signed! LAST DATE to do make-ups is Aug 10.
  • The Rules of Golf apply!  Even though this isn’t the US Open, there are some valuable prizes at stake.

So, we’re going to play real golf!  Ask any staffer if you have questions. Brian Dahmer comprises the “Committee” as defined by the rules, and therefore has final authority to resolve any rules issues. Make sure you know the USGA Rules! Please review on-line or look at our rules book.

  • The best general advice is:  play the course as you find it, play your ball as it lies, and don’t touch it or move it around between the tee and the green!  Also, pay attention to the course boundary markers.  For example, the white stakes to the left of # 1, the right of #5, #6, and the right of #9 are course boundary markers.  We sometimes see players play their first hole tee shot from #9, or from the driving range on #6, or from the OB area on the right side of #9.  Never play a ball from out of bounds.  If you do, your score for that night will not count, and you won’t be eligible for the weekly prize that night.

NEW Local Rule: Shots hit OB don’t require a provisional shot.  Merely bring the ball to the edge of the fairway on the line it went OB, and add a two stroke penalty!

  • Please turn in one score card per foursome with last names legibly printed on them.  Missing or illegible scorecards will not be entered into final tally. Cards must be witnessed!
  • Prizes and Points: All prizes and awards will be distributed at the awards dinner August 19th {except drink tickets given out during season}.  Prizes will be awarded for the top three individual finishers (per division) in point accumulation throughout the duration of the league.  Your scores will be posted each week along with your point totals.  A handicap will be calculated for you (not an official World Handicap). This will be based on several scores with some high/low scores thrown out. It will be the same for everyone so it’s fair.  You can accumulate points in a couple of different ways.  You get 10 points just for playing, getting a substitute in your place, or doing a make-up!  You also get one (1) point for each person you beat each week.  There are also many weekly contests which are both individual and team. Any questions please ask Brian.