2023 Wednesday Ladies League Schedule
May 3 Two Best Balls of the Group – The two best gross scores of the group on each hole is the team score
May 10 Reverse Score – Each player’s game score is the reverse of their gross score
May 17 Throw out your two worst holes
May 24 Queen of the Greens – The player that has the fewest number of total putts is the Queen!!
May 31 Two Person Blind Draw – Partners will be determined, during the round, based on random draw.  Team score will be the partner’s net score.
June 7 Scratch and Scramble – Gross scores for all players are totaled and divided by 4 to arrive at team score.  Handicaps are also averaged and a net score is determined.
June 14 Round Robin – Players will change partners every three holes. Use the best net ball.  The team that wins the hole gets 2 points.  If a hole is tied, each player gets 1 point.  The person with the most points wins.
June 21 Two person – Alternate Shot – Make two teams of two players, and each team decides which player tees off on even holes and which on odds. They then take turns all the way into the hole.
June 28 Partner’s Odd and Even –  Teams of two – one player will count their score from the odd holes, the other player will count their scores from the even holes.
July 5 Red & White Tournament – Players will tee off from the Red tees on the Odd numbered holes and from the White tees on the Even numbered holes.
July 12 Pink Lady Night – Each player in your group will hit the pink ball and continue until they hole out.  The next player in the group does the same.  Each player plays their own ball, and the score of the pink ball is the score for the group.  If you lose the pink ball before the end of 9 holes, your group is out of the game.
July 19 Florida Scramble –  The team members all hit from the same spot on each shot, with the team selecting the best ball for their next shot.  However there is a twist!  Whoever’s shot is selected, does not hit the next shot.  This is continued for the entire round
July 26 Team Scramble – The team members all hit from the same spot on each shot, with the team selecting the best ball for their next shot. This continues until completion of the hole.
August 2 Shamble – Each player hits a tee shot and the best drive of the group is selected.  From this position, each player will play their own ball until the hole is finished.
August 9 String Game Each player receives a length of string – 1/2 foot per handicap stroke (20 handicap will get 10 feet of string) Players are allowed to advance the ball to a more favorable spot or into the hole, measuring the distance with the string and cutting the length off.
August 16 Closet to the Pin on Par 3 holes (#4 and #8)
August 22


End of Year Celebration 6:30 – For our celebration, we will be joining the Tuesday Ladies League, for an afternoon and evening of fun.  If enough participants are able to play , there will be a shot-gun start scramble prior to dinner.  Details to follow.